Relationships with humans can be difficult, confusing and sometime scary and dangerous. Having a space to talk about your relationships can be really help you understand them, gaining new perspectives and make choices.

We also have a relationship with ourselves, who we are, who we want to be and how we feel about ourselves which can have a big impact upon us.

I’ll work with whatever you choose to bring to our sessions but I have a particular interest in working with issues you may be having in relationships – friends, family, work colleagues, partners or with yourself.

I welcome people who identify with GSRD (Gender, Sexual and Relationship Diversity) and people who are ethnically and culturally diverse.

Friends & family

Speaking to friends or family about your feelings may feel difficult or they may be part of the problem, so having a space to talk to someone who’s outside of your situation will really help you to gain new perspectives.

The past

Difficult or painful experiences in the past can often impact us in the present, leading to many different feelings, including anger, sadness, anxiety & depression. Together we’ll explore your relationships, experiences & feelings to make sense of them & to find a way through.


Loss of relationships can be a particularly painful experience, whether through the breakdown of a relationship or through the ending of a life and this experience can bring a range of different feelings which can feel overwhelming. Exploring and talking them through can help feelings feel more tolerable and manageable.