What I’m offering

I provide weekly individual therapy, working with a range of issues and I’ll work with whatever you choose to bring to our sessions.

Therapy gives you a space to talk with someone about the things in your life which don’t make sense or make you feel sad or angry or afraid. It will help you to understand your relationships and feelings and gain insight to help you make active choices and changes in your life.


Often life can feel difficult and overwhelming and in these particularly uncertain times of the pandemic, you may be struggling to cope with how you’re feeling or the uncertainty of what’s happening. 

Friends & family

Speaking to friends or family about your feelings may feel difficult or they may be part of the problem, so having a space to talk to someone who’s outside of your situation will really help you to gain new perspectives.

The past

Difficult or painful experiences in the past can often impact us in the present, leading to many different feelings, including anger, sadness, anxiety & depression. Together we’ll explore your relationships, experiences & feelings to make sense of them & to find a way through.


Work is a such a huge part of our lives but it can often lead to worry, stress, anxiety and depression, so having a space away from work to explore your worries can help you gain a sense of agency and choice in your situation.


Relationships with family, friends, colleagues and with ourselves can often be difficult, challenging or confusing.  Therapy can help you to understand your relationships with others and with yourself because how you view yourself will also feed into how you view the people around you.


Sometimes we try to cope with our feelings by using alcohol, drugs, food, gambling, exercise or other repetitive behaviours which can have a negative impact upon us and the people around us.  Exploring and understanding the feelings you’re trying to ‘medicate’ will be the key to freeing yourself from them and regaining a sense of choice in your life.


Loss of relationships can be a particularly painful experience, whether through the breakdown of a relationship or through the ending of a life and this experience can bring a range of different feelings which can feel overwhelming. Exploring and talking them through can help feelings feel more tolerable and manageable.