About Me

I’ve been working as a therapist for the past six years and completed a three year training to gain an Advanced Diploma in Integrative Counselling. This means I have trained in different models of counselling but I’m very much influenced by psychodynamic ideas, so I’m really interested in how your past is influencing your present.

I am also very interested in your relationships, as exploring these will help us both understand how you relate to others in your life and how your way of relating may be impacting on you and maintaining your issues.  I’m also interested in what’s happening for you unconsciously, the defences you use to protect yourself and how you relate to me in the session.

These aspects will help us to build a more rounded and objective picture of you and the problems you’re experiencing and ultimately find a way through them.

My background

Before completing my counselling training, I worked in the charity sector for twelve years, working directly with a wide range of people and supporting them with issues including addiction (drugs, alcohol, gambling) domestic violence/domestic abuse and mental health issues.

Moving into therapy felt like a natural progression and changed the focus of my work from being about solving practical issues to thinking about and understanding the underlying issues/route causes of problems, the meaning they hold and psychological change.

If you’re wondering if counselling/therapy is for you, then please get in touch and we’ll discuss it further.