About Me

I qualified with an Advanced Diploma in integrative counselling in 2015 and I’m now completing a Masters degree in Existential Psychotherapy with the New School of Counselling and Psychotherapy (NSPC).

My approach

An integrative approach means I have trained in different counselling models, which helps me understand your problems from different perspectives.

Sometimes experiences, events or relationships from the past, can still be causing us problems in the present. Shining a light on difficult experiences will help them to have less impact upon you.

I am also very interested in your relationships with family, friends or partners. Exploring these will help us understand patterns that are repeating, which we can then work towards changing.

Being able to think about and understand your problems from different perspectives will help you find ways of moving forwards in life.

I welcome ethnically and culturally diverse people, including people who identify with GSRD Gender, Sexuality and Relationship Diversity.

My background

Having completed a degree in Film and Television Production, my first career was in television, working as a researcher on light entertainment programmes.

I then moved into the charity sector for twelve years, working as a support worker in various organisations. I worked with a wide range of people with addiction (drugs, alcohol, gambling), domestic abuse, and mental health issues.

Training as a therapist enabled me to understand the underlying reasons for people’s distress and gave me the tools to work with people to help make long-lasting changes.

If you’d like to have a free phone call to find out more, please get in touch.